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Welcome to my office. I’m Dr. Geneva Ricano. I became a Chiropractor to serve my community. I mostly do this with my hands. I believe there is a higher purpose in our lives and I can DO more. I want to be of service to help the next generation. They need the help and I am willing. I have TOOLS I used and I can share. If I can help just one person become well, imagine the impact they will have on their community. And together, we will all be serving humanity more, making this world a better place to be! I would love for you to join me. I look forward to seeing you!  Dr. Ricano

To schedule an appointment please call 409-539-1589


See what clients say

Great chiropractor! Extremely knowledgeable! Great at what she does but an amazing person in general. Highly recommend!

Brandy L.

She is Awesome!!! Not very many chiros can correct the spine!

Lindsey W.

An amazing Chiropractor with a wonderful love for her job and keeping people healthy. Not to mention a caring Doctor with a wonderful outlook on life. She will help you feel better and encourage you to live a more healthy and happy life. She is easy to talk to with a great sense of humor. You couldn't ask for a better person and professional. 


Simply the best! I always leave as a new person after wonderful adjustments!



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